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TeleTrusT - Bundesverband IT-Sicherheit e.V. ist Mitglied des European Telecommunications Standards Institute.

TeleTrusT Working Group Biometrics


The TeleTrusT Working Group "Biometrics" aims to provide exchange of knowledge on biometrical procedures in order to promote acceptance and practical use of such technology. Biometrics - depending on its field of application - can be designed in a way that allows comfortable utilization and increased security.

Within the frame of the Working Group experts can find a unique opportunity to understand different evaluations of possibilities and risks. TeleTrusT's approach reflects an all-embracing view considering a variety of aspects, e.g. security, data protection, legal usability and user acceptance. Based on a more general understanding biometrics can gain trust in today's daily life and become reality, without being reduced to just a marketing hype.



Contributions are kindly requested for submission to Prof. Dr. Christoph Busch:

Prof. Dr. Christoph Busch
Fraunhofer IGD
Department Security Technology
Fraunhoferstr. 5
D-64283 Darmstadt, Germany

Tel.: +49 6151 155 536

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Monday, 03.04.2017
- TeleTrusT-AG "Blockchain"
Die nächste TeleTrusT-AG "Blockchain" findet als Telefonkonferenz am 03.04.2017 statt. 
Thursday, 06.04.2017
- TeleTrusT-Regionalstelle Dresden
Die nächste Veranstaltung der TeleTrusT-Regionalstelle Dresden (T-Systems MMS in Kooperation mit Silicon Saxony) findet am 06.04.2017 in Dresden statt.
Friday, 07.04.2017
- TeleTrusT-AG "SICCT"
Die nächste Telko der TeleTrusT-AG "SICCT" findet am 07.04.2017 statt.
Tuesday, 11.04.2017
- T.I.S.P.-Board und Beirat
Die nächste Telefonkonferenz des T.I.S.P.-Boards und des T.I.S.P.-Beirats findet am 11.04.2017 statt.
Thursday, 27.04.2017
- TeleTrusT-EBCA-AG "Technik"
Die nächste TeleTrusT-EBCA-AG "Technik" findet am 27.04.2017 in Berlin bei Zertificon Solutions statt. 

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