Task Force "State of the art (in IT security)"

Tomasz Lawicki, Schwerhoff Consultants
RA Karsten U. Bartels, LL.M., HK2 Rechtsanwälte

The TeleTrusT Task Force "State of the art (in IT security)" as a subgroup of the TeleTrusT Working Group "Law" was established in 2015 in order to study technical and organizational provisions originating from IT Security legislation.

Meanwhile, the EU General Data Protection Regulation requires an orientation towards the "State of the art" (Art. 32). However, there has not yet been any substantiation in technology standards by legislators. This applies not only to enterprises but also to public authorities. 

From the beginning the TeleTrusT Task Force "State of the art" has strived to support companies involved, technology providers as well as service providers to determine the "State of the art". As a result, the first version of the TeleTrusT handout "State of the art" was published in 2016, in which technical and organizational steps were specified. The Task Force is committed to constantly updating the document to guarantee its topicality.

Comment of TeleTrusT Working Group "Law" on discussion paper on the protection of telemedia services in accordance with the "State of the art"


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