TeleTrusT is active

TeleTrusT - Bundesverband IT-Sicherheit e.V. ist Mitglied des European Telecommunications Standards Institute.

TeleTrusT Innovation Award


Since 1999 TeleTrusT has invited to compete for the "TeleTrusT Innovation Award". The TeleTrusT Innovation Award is intended for companies or institutions who develop or apply innovative and trusted information technology, software or online service solutions in industry and government.

Selection criteria are:

  • the degree of innovation;
  • the benefit to the user;
  • the compliance with standards;
  • the model character of the submitted proposal at national, European and global level.

The evaluation is conducted by a jury. The jury reflects the approach of TeleTrusT to focus on IT security in an interdisciplinary manner - hence including the scientific perspective and considering privacy issues as well as consumer protection and fitness for purpose. The jury investigates whether the security level of the submitted application is appropriate and whether security features are an integral part. In addition, particular attention is dedicated to interoperability and if it can be proofed that the application offers measurable economic benefit. 

Previous award winners

  • 2018 MB connect line GmbH: "mbNETFIX - Firewall für Automatisierer"; Special Award for DRACOON GmbH: "DRACOON Enterprise Filesharing"
  • 2017 Steen Harbach AG: "Real end-to-end security for IoT devices & Industry 4.0"
  • 2016 genua GmbH: "cyber-Diode"
  • 2015 Hasso-Plattner-Institut / Bundesdruckerei: "CloudRAID"
  • 2014 NCP: "NCP Secure GovNet Box"
  • 2013 TÜV TRUST IT: "AppChecker"
  • 2012 Fraunhofer-Institut SIT: "BizzTrust - Usable security for smart devices"
  • 2011 Sirrix: "BitBox - Browser in the Box"
  • 2010 Fraunhofer-Institut für offene Kommunikationssysteme (FOKUS):
    "Technische Lösung, die die Verwendung des neuen Personalausweises mit Microsoft's fortgeschrittener Generation der kryptographischen "U-Prove-Technologie" koppelt"
  • 2009 
    1. Spanischer Sparkassenverband Confederación Española de Cajas de Ahorros (CECA): "Digitale Signaturen im Finanzsektor"; 
    2. Sirrix AG für "Trusted VPN System"; 
    3.a Bundesdruckerei für "Modernes Identity Management - Kfz-Anmeldungsszenario"; 
    3.b ObjectSecurity (UK) für "Open PMF 2.0"
  • 2008
    1. Secusmart: "Secuvoice";
    2. CONNET (SI);
  • 2007 Safelayer: "PKI-Lösung"
  • 2006 T-Systems & T-Mobile: "Zugangsschutzsystem mit Einmalpasswort über Handy"
  • 2005 Deutscher Sparkassenverlag: "Online-Bereitstellung von qualifizierten Signatur-Zertifikaten auf ec-Karten"
  • 2004 KOBIL: "mIDentity"

Further award winners:

  • Deutsche Rentenversicherung
  • ekey (AT)
  • Deutscher Genossenschafts-Verlag
  • Finanzamt München
  • BfG Bank
  • DIHK
  • MediaKomm