Silicon Trust c/o Krowne Communications GmbH

Since the year 2000, when Silicon Trust was founded by Infineon Technologies as a non-profit membership organization, the program has developed to be a key partner platform for companies aiming at stimulating the understanding, adoption, use and widespread acceptance of silicon-based security solutions in a broad variety of applications including Identification, Telecom and Payment.
Today, the key driving forces behind Silicon Trust are the three executive partners Gemalto, Giesecke & Devrient and Infineon, supported by the German BSI in the Silicon Trust advisory board. Many partner companies along the value chain of silicon-based security participate in the discussions and activities of the Silicon Trust.
The Silicon Trust program focuses primarily on:
bringing together, in an open environment, leading users and technologists from the public and private sectors with industry and government decision makers (workshops),
the development and implementation of marketing and education programs (including white papers, articles etc.),
educating end customers about the effective levels of security,
identifying new projects, new programs and new technical trends in new geographic regions and market segments.
The Silicon Trust program has, over the last few years, become a well-respected and established partnership program within the security industry, and has certainly achieved its initial goal of raising awareness for silicon-based security.
Silicon Trust c/o Krowne Communications GmbH
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