TeleTrusT is active

TeleTrusT - Bundesverband IT-Sicherheit e.V. ist Mitglied des European Telecommunications Standards Institute.

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About TeleTrusT

The IT security association TeleTrusT Germany e.V. was founded in 1989 to provide a reliable framework for the trustworthy deployment of information and communication technology. TeleTrusT today is a world-renowned network of competence for IT security. TeleTrusT represents members from industry, science and research, and public institutions. Our members discuss current topics of IT security and safety management and exchange their knowledge in project groups. TeleTrusT comments on political and legal issues, organizes events and participations in trade fairs and is the supporting organization of the "European Bridge CA" (the provision of public-key certificates for secure e-mail communications) and the certificate "TeleTrusT Information Security Professional (T.I.S.P.).

TeleTrusT is present at numerous trade shows and conferences on IT security.

The association is headquartered in Berlin, Germany.