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At the employers side there is an increasing interest in qualified specialists with confirmed expertise and, vice versa, employees want to improve their level of education.

In the past, professional certificates in the area of information security have already been available in the US where they have gained currency and recognition. However, these products are barely suitable for Europe as US standards and legislation differ from European regulations.

TeleTrusT members initiated the development of an information security professional certificate. One first step was setting up an expert group entrusted with the T.I.S.P. certificate design as well as the specification of training and examination contents. T.I.S.P. is a professional certificate particularly adjusted to the European situation taking into consideration corresponding prevalent requirements.

By achieving the T.I.S.P. certificate one can document profound knowledge in information security.


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Tuesday, 02.05.2017
- TeleTrusT-AK "Stand der Technik"
Die nächste Telefonkonferenz des TeleTrusT-AK "Stand der Technik" findet am 02.05.2017 statt.
Wednesday, 03.05.2017
- TeleTrusT-AG "Blockchain"
Die nächste TeleTrusT-AG "Blockchain" findet am 03.05.2017 in Berlin statt.
Tuesday, 09.05.2017
- TeleTrusT-EBCA-Board
Die nächste Sitzung des TeleTrusT-EBCA-Boards findet am 09.05.2017 in Frankfurt am Main statt.
Friday, 12.05.2017
- TeleTrusT-Regionalstelle München
Die nächste Veranstaltung der TeleTrusT-Regionalstelle München (itWatch) findet am 12.05.2017 in München statt.
Monday, 29.05.2017
- TeleTrusT-AG "Smart Grids / Industrial Security"
Die nächste Sitzung der TeleTrusT-AG "Smart Grids / Industrial Security" findet am 29.05.2017 in Berlin statt
Wednesday, 31.05.2017
- TeleTrusT-Informationstag "IT-Sicherheit in Arztpraxen"
Der nächste TeleTrusT-Informationstag "IT-Sicherheit in Arztpraxen" findet am 31.05.2017 in Berlin statt.

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