TISP FAQ - English

Providers of training courses

How can I become a provider of T.I.S.P. training courses?

Preconditions for the accreditation as provider of T.I.S.P. training courses:

  • proof of existing training classrooms with computer equipment for practical exercises and the examination
  • approval of the training material for the one-week preparatory course for the exam on the part of the T.I.S.P. committee
  • two T.I.S.P.-accredited course instructors

Applications for the accreditation as provider of T.I.S.P. training courses must be addressed to TeleTrusT. The accreditation is not free of charge; special conditions are allowed to members of TeleTrusT . 

Course participants

Which qualifications do I have to fulfil in order to obtain a T.I.S.P. certificate?

Preconditions are the proof of not less than three years professional experience, participation in a one-week preparatory course and passing of the exam.

How can I prove my professional experience in the field of IT security?

The evidence of professional experience in the field of IT security can be supplied in the form of a self-declaration including reference projects, reference customers and/or a corresponding written confirmation of the employer. The T.I.S.P. committee as well as the providers of T.I.S.P. training courses reserve the right to verify the provided information.

Will the participation in the preparatory course be sufficient for passing the exam?

The answer to this question depends on the individual previous knowledge of the participant. If the participant has the required state of knowledge in all topics of the 18 modules, participation in the preparatory course will be sufficient in order to refresh and summarise his knowledge. In case that the participant lacks deeper knowledge in one or several subareas, it is advisable to participate in appropriate advanced training courses in preparation of the exam.

Is T.I.S.P. internationally accepted?

T.I.S.P. is a new certificate for IT experts which – for the time being – is tailored to the German market and therefore is not internationally accepted. However, it will gain currency and will be continuously advanced and obtain Europe-wide acceptance within the next few years.

What is the difference between T.I.S.P. and CISSP?

T.I.S.P. claims similar standards of quality as CISSP and covers largely the same fields of knowledge. The essential differences between T.I.S.P. and CISSP are:

  • consideration of the relevant European and German legislation and regulations
  • focus on IT-baseline protection according to BSI standards as security-management standards for Germany and Europe
  • discussion of the topic “RoSI” (return of security investment) 

Is there special literature on T.I.S.P.?

Currently special books on T.I.S.P. are not yet available. A list of recommended literature is presently being compiled by the suppliers of training courses; it will be published by TeleTrusT as soon as it is perfected.