ISSE 2010


12th ISSE Conference: 5th - 7th October 2010 in Berlin, Germany

At ISSE 2010, one of the largest independent IT security conferences in Europe, more than 400 participants from 19 countries across Europe and beyond  discussed current IT security topics. European and non-European academic and business experts presented IT security scenarios, studied results and approaches. Topics covered range from Identity Management, Data Protection and Social Engineering to Large Scale Public Applications and aspects such as Cloud Computing and Data Loss Prevention. The conference was opened by a speech of the German Federal Minister of the Interior.

ISSE is jointly organized by eema, the European Association for e-Identity and Security, and TeleTrusT Germany. In 2010 the ISSE took place in in combination with the GI "Sicherheit 2010" conference.

Pictures of the event

ISSE 2010: International press