RSA Conference 2013

February 26 – March 01, 2013 San Francisco, USA

TeleTrusT presented "IT Security made in Germany"

TeleTrusT co-ordinated again the presentation of "IT Security made in Germany" at the RSA Conference. German technology and quality associated worldwide with the slogan "made in Germany" also formed  the basis for the excellent reputation of German IT Security. The RSA Conference as the world's leading IT Security event is an important forum for German companies and institutions to establish contacts and extend existing connections. 

"The US and the German approach to IT security"

TeleTrusT - IT Security Association Germany and GABA, the German American Business Association invited to a panel with cyber security leaders from both Germany and the United States, to discuss the German and the US approach to this challenge and opportunities for transatlantic cooperation in this field.

They sneak into computers, steal data and can bring entire production facilities to their knees. Attacks from cyberspace are a real global threat and a cyber-warfare is no less dangerous than conventional combat. Threats are entering a whole new dimension since hackers are increasingly targeting value chains. We are encountering a whole new generation of malware specifically designed for industrial espionage and sabotage. Across the globe, governments, societies, businesses, and individuals are facing a number of critical challenges regarding cyberspace, data integrity, authenticity, confidentiality, and security. As a response to a rising number of cyber threats, an increasing number of Governments are introducing Cyber Security Strategies. Will those strategies help to limit existing threats? Are the rules, processes and responsibilities clearly defined? Is there a universal plan of action to set international standards?

Donna Dodson, Deputy Cyber Security Advisor at National Institute of Standards and Technology
Howard Schmidt, former Special Assistant to the President, Cyber Security Coordinator at Executive Office of the President, White House
Norbert Pohlmann, Chairman TeleTrusT - IT Security Association Germany
Joerg Borchert, Vice President Infineon Technologies
Kurt Roemer, Chief Security Strategist Citrix Systems
Dr. Rainer Mantz, Federal Ministry of the Interior
Samir Kapuria, Managing Director, Symantec Advisory Consulting Services
Bernd Kowalski, German Federal Office for IT Security

Chenxi Wang, Vice President & Principal Analyst Security and Risk, Forrester Research

On the initiative of Dr. Nguyen (Bundesdruckerei) TeleTrusT organized a German-American expert meeting at the RSA "German Pavilion" on the topic "2-factor authentication using HW token" with Eric Grosse, Vice President Google and other Google representatives as special guests.

Pictures of the event