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Kommentierung zu EU Delegated Regulation "Internet-connected radio equipment and wearable radio equipment"


TeleTrusT-Kommentar an EU-Kommission

Regarding your planned implication analysis "Commission delegated regulation on Internet-connected radio equipment and wearable radio equipment" please enhance your consideration by the following: As digital developments and industry will play an increasing part in daily and economic life we recommend to look into possible implication for cyber security actors as well. In chapter C on page 5 it is stated that "Radio equipment and technologies" are a "key part of the forthcoming deployment of new technological developments“. However, if you take a look at "Likely economic impacts" only players within the manufacturing industry are mentioned to be considered. Implications for the cyber security industry like new business opportunities, an increased customer base, impulses for new innovations and businessmodels etc. are missing. Looking further, the EU-GDPR already puts Europe at the forefront of data protection. As awareness for data protection rises globally, new laws and regulation concerning the protection of private data and data transfer could set another valuable impulse for the development of new techological solutions not only (to be used) within the European single market but also to be exported internationally. So, it is not only about a Single Digital European Market, it also is about the cyber security as an economic actor and about arising global opportunities.

Lastly, we want to put social issues into focus. It might be worth considering the potential for increased awareness and possible understanding of IT security issues by new laws and regulations concerning the protection of private data and data transfer. The more politics, industry and press discuss these issues, the more they are put into focus of a broad public base. This increased interest might lead to a better understanding and, eventually, get people to make sound decisions when purchasing smart devices.

Summarizing we recommend to enhance your analysis by the following:

- Likely economic impacts concering the cyber security industry as economic actors
- Likely social impacts: investigations regarding increased awareness for IT security issues within the public



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