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Dienstag, den 25.04.2017, 14:20 Uhr

International Standardization Committee ISO/TC 225 met in Tokyo

Experts from Japan, EU, Australia and the US discussed quality standards for market, opinion and social research

An international standards committee (ISO/TC 225) within the frame of the International Standardization Organization ISO met in Tokyo from April 19 – 21, 2017. Host of this meeting has been Rakuten. The committee is responsible for caretaking of a set of international standards regarding

  • Market, opinion and social research (ISO 20252)
  • Access panels in market, opinion and social research (ISO 26362)
  • Web analyses (ISO 19731)

The committee works with active engagement of branch experts from Japan, the US, Canada and several European countries under the secretariat of the Spanish Standardization Assoziation AENOR. Japan is engaged via the national Association of Market Research Agencies. Provided by the certification body of the Austrian Standards Institute, market research companies can be certified along the standards in order to maintain quality and trust in their services.

TeleTrusT is involved particularly for aspects of IT security requirements.



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Donnerstag, 07.09.2017
- TeleTrusT-EBCA-AG "Technik"
Die nächste TeleTrusT-EBCA-AG "Technik" findet am 07.09.2017 in Paderborn Net at Work statt. 
Dienstag, 12.09.2017
- TeleTrusT-AG "RSA"
Die nächste Sitzung der TeleTrusT-AG "RSA" findet am 12.09.2017 in Berlin statt
Mittwoch, 20.09.2017
- TeleTrusT/VOI-Informationstag "Elektronische Signatur"
Der nächste TeleTrusT/VOI-Informationstag "Elektronische Signatur" findet am 20.09.2017 in Berlin statt. https://www.teletrust.de/veranstaltungen/signaturtag/infotag-elektronisch...
- TeleTrusT-AG "Biometrie"
Die nächste Sitzung der TeleTrusT-AG "Biometrie" findet am 20.09.2017 in Darmstadt statt.
Donnerstag, 21.09.2017
- TeleTrusT-EBCA-Lenkungsgremium
Die nächste Sitzung des TeleTrusT-EBCA-Lenkungsgremiums findet am 21.09.2017 in Berlin bei TeleTrusT statt.
Donnerstag, 28.09.2017
- TeleTrusT-Regionalstelle Mannheim (Sama Partners)
Das nächste Treffen der TeleTrusT-Regionalstelle Mannheim findet am 28.09.2017 in Mannheim statt.


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